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African American Technical Assistance & Training Program

The African American Technical Assistance & Training Program (AATA) has contracted with Alameda County Behavioral Health to provide training and resources to health care providers and the community in order to improve the mental health of African American clients.

Impact of Discrimination on Mental and Physical Health of African Americans

The focus of this course is health equity, an exploration of the ways systemic racism and various kinds of discrimination impact the mental and physical health of marginalized populations in the United States.

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Event Date: June 28, 2024

Time: 9 AM – 1:30 PM

Location: Hybrid

Event Speaker: Karinn Glover, MD

CE Credit available.

Suicide Rates Among African Americans Who Are Incarcerated: A Disproportionate Detainment of African Americans

Current literature (2024) suggests that approximately 700,000 individuals unalive themselves each year here in the United States, and a disproportionate amount of these deaths occur in our jails and prisons (Pedrola-Pons et. al, 2024). Furthermore, individuals who are incarcerated in the American penal system have a higher propensity to be African American. This training aims to discuss recent literature on the increased rates of suicide and factors that increase the risk of suicide within this demographic, as well as targeted intervention techniques catered to this population. The goal of this training is to raise awareness of an overlooked population, all with insights from a correctional psychologist with a decade of experience working with justice-involved individuals.

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"This is the BEST training I've been to in regards to African American community. The history of stigma and under utilization of MH services. Very clear, had depth, really good engagement of guidance participation. I especially liked Roberta Sanders' approach."

- Training Attendee

"While the training's may have been focused on African- American population, I always appreciate how applicable it is on a broader perspective for diverse populations."

- Training Attendee

"We learn waaaaaaaay more at your trainings than we do at other trainings (we’ve been to two of yours). You deliver reality …and it’s digestible vs. the diluted convoluted information. Your set up and delivery is by far the best! Thank you so much for a great time and the free delicious lunch!"

- Sandra

"So pleased that such services of specific workshops for and about African American communities are being offered."

- Training Attendee

"Instructor was wonderful, caring, kind and knowledgeable"

- Training Attendee

"Thank you for the work you're doing, important to continue these workshops healing minds, bodies, souls, building each day"

- Training Attendee

"Thank you for this warm (safe) energetic training"

- Training Attendee